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Design and Technology

At Oak Farm School children learn key skills and knowledge from the Design Technology curriculum through integrating their learning with science, mathematics, computing, engineering and environmental studies. These disciplines are deeply intertwined in the real world and this approach allows children to make connections in their learning. Our topic-based approach also encourages pupils to work in team environments using communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.


Each topic has a problem to solve and/or a product to make according to a Design Criteria. Each topic follows a six-stage process:


Research: Find Out Information

  • Read fiction and non-fiction books about the topic
  • Use a computer or tablet to watch videos, look at pictures
  • Talk to people that can share information with you.
  • Research using the Internet


  • Think about what you will make and how you will make it.
  • Talk to your group members and share your ideas.
  • Draw a picture of what you will make.
  • Write the main parts of your design on your picture.


  • Choose which materials you will need for each part.
  • Find where the materials are kept.
  • Collect the materials you will need.
  • Check that you have the right materials


  • Lay out your materials on your workspace.
  • Decide who will make each part.
  • Make each part ready to put together.
  • Put the parts together to make your design.


  • Check that what you made looks like your plan.
  • Check that what you made matches the criteria.
  • Check that all group members are happy with what you made.
  • Make any changes that you need.


  • Share who was in your group.
  • Show what you made.
  • Share how you made it.
  • Share the learning you used to make it.


By the end of Year 6, we want pupils to:

  • Acquire knowledge and skills in order to design and make products successfully.
  • Investigate simple products by disassembly and evaluation.
  • Work with a range of materials, tools and apply techniques to create quality products.
  • Understand and apply the principles of nutrition and how to cook.
  • Evaluate past and present design and technology in order to understand its impact on daily life on the wider world.
  • Through the application of learning in other curriculum subjects, use design and technology to solve a range of problems.