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Parents, teachers and children all agree that school should be about far more than learning the curriculum.  At Oak Farm, we endeavour to support each child in becoming a confident and self-aware British citizen. A strong moral compass, an appreciative level of tolerance and an awareness of the spiritual and cultural beliefs around them, which is strong enough that they can practise their individual liberty and make their own, informed choices, are key aims of our 'hidden curriculum'. We aim to provide every child with a selection of experiences to choose from, be that as part of an expansive range of extra-curricular clubs, whole-school celebrations, a theatrical production, a school residential or many of the other trips that we offer our children. Our plans for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development are embedded amongst our curriculum: ranging from the teaching in RE and citizenship through to sex and relationship education, and including many links which can be made to our units across the entire curriculum. At the same time, we acknowledge the importance of these vital dimensions of life and growth being present throughout the school community.

During these incredibly difficult, and therefore different, times, many of our regular practices have been placed on hold in order for our school to remain as COVID-safe as possible. 


Please see the attached SMSC report for 2020, which outlines our usual and current practices as well as our intentions for the current school year to develop this area even further.