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Late/Absence Procedures

Absences and Illnesses

If your child is absent for any reason it is very important that you inform the school.  Please telephone the school office on the first day of your child’s illness.  All absences must be accounted for and are monitored closely by the school.  Please try to ensure good attendance at all times through your child’s school life as it is vital to their learning.  Family holidays should always be taken in the allotted school holiday periods.  Unreasonable absence will be discussed with you.  No improvement in attendance following that can result in the involvement of the Local Authority Participation Team.



Children must arrive at school punctually before the register is taken. Any child arriving after the classroom doors are closed must be taken to the school office and signed in by a parent or carer. Lessons start promptly after the register so it is important children do not miss out on vital learning.