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At Oak Farm Junior School we believe that history is best taught discretely as a part of the curriculum. This allows us to provide deep and wide-ranging knowledge whilst developing key skills and concepts in history.

The learning journeys in history are constructed through a set of learning statements that cover:

  • Knowledge, understanding and concepts
  • Skills (working as geographers / historians)


Our History learning journey inspires pupils to have a curiosity and fascination about the history of the United Kingdom and of Ancient Civilisations from across the globe. Pupils will develop their sense of chronology and build upon their understanding from Key Stage 1. Through studying the past they will develop a better understanding of the present. In developing their historical skills, concepts and knowledge they will be motivated to learn more about historical times and to develop an identity about themselves living in modern Britain.

Oak Farm School serves a diverse community of many cultures and languages. We want all our children to gain knowledge and understanding of the history of this country and its relationships with the wider world.

We recognise that children at Oak Farm School are on the outskirts of a global city and should have the opportunity to learn about the history of London. Using this understanding, children as they grow older, will have access to all the wonderful opportunities that the city has to offer.


The locality around Hillingdon is significant for its contribution to the British victory in World War II, particularly the Battle of Britain. Studying this unit in Year 6 enables children to visit these sites to gain a better understanding of the role of the local community in this historic event.

Humanities Curriculum Overview

By the end of Year 6, we want pupils to:

  • Know about significant events and changes in history and how they can be presented chronologically
  • Understand the history of Britain and how it has influenced and been influenced by the wider world.
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of significant aspects of ancient civilisations
  • Acquire knowledge of the lives of significant people of the past
  • Be able to undertake historical enquiry to answer questions about the past
  • Investigate historical artefacts, evidence and visits to places of interest to gain knowledge about the past-history of Britain and the wider world.