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The school will only admit up to its approved admission number. This is set at 90 in each year group (360 in total). This number is based on the actual capacity of the school as stated in the School Premises Regulations (1981) as approved by the DfE and subsequently amended in 2002 by the LA Admission's Forum. The Governors are not prepared to admit more than 90 pupils as to do so would prejudice the efficient provision of education and the efficient use of resources within the school.

The current admissions number is 360.
Please see the admissions policy below for our entry criteria.

Waiting List
When the school receives more applications than are available, then we operate a waiting list. Children will be places on the waiting list in the following priority:

  1. Children on the waiting list held by Oak Farm Infants School will be automatically transferred onto the junior school waiting list. Their initial position on the list will be decided by the above criteria but will then be subject to adjustment in line with 2) below
  2. The waiting list will be reviewed and adjusted whenever there is any addition to the list or relevant change to the circumstances of applicants already on the list. The list will be maintained in priority order according to admissions criteria nos 1 - 7 (see admissions policy).

Parents have a statutory right of appeal against the decision of the Governing Board not to admit their child.

In-Year Admissions
Applications for In-Year admissions require the parent to contact the LA and they will take applications over the phone.